• International Healthcare Recruitment
    for Medical Facilities

  • International Healthcare Recruitment
    for Medical Facilities

  • International Healthcare Recruitment
    for Medical Facilities


We are an internationally accredited centre for excellence in healthcare recruitment. Healthcare professionals and assistants are the most integral part of any medical institution, and Dhai Step sources and places these high calibre candidates into your medical centres. We are a young and dynamic organization run by professionals. We work as a strategic partner providing range of services for hospitals. Dhai Step will be your one-stop-shop solution for all your hospital requirements.

Linen Management

We provide services for the management of patient linen in wards, OT and staff uniforms in hospitals and medical facilities. In the hospital sector, we take care of linen management, patient linen in wards along with uniforms of hospital staff members.


We also provide trained General Duty Assistants (GDA) at the hospital. Cleanliness will be the top priority of our housekeeping staff at all times. We also provide our clients with the ethos of patient care along with Continuity of Care (CoC


We can provide end-to-end solutions for housekeeping; our well-trained staff is well versed with these tasks. We provide housekeeping facilities including infection control and cleaning based upon the principles of Housekeeping.

Search and select Recruitment

Using years of experience, we ensure the perfect placements matching your hospital requirements. We are having a strong network all across Europe, so every candidate coming from our selection procedure is easily reachable. Dhai Step is a young organization run by a group of highly passionate, enthusiastic, and dynamic professionals aiming to provide the best quality services for the hospital sector.


Dhai Step is a healthcare consultancy that possesses the expertise and specialism of headhunting the best-fit candidates for your medical processes. Sometimes the candidate who is perfect for your medical facility might not be looking for a vacancy within the job market and so it is tough to spot that right candidate. However, we, at Dhai Step, endeavour to headhunt those perfect candidates for you using our great expertise and vast network within the industry. At Dhai Step, we follow a systematic and unique process of manpower selection and recruitment of the medical staff. With the required expertise and specialization, we headhunt for suitable candidates that will perfectly serve your purpose.

Focus Targeting

Are you finding the best candidates for your medical centre? Do you know where they are? Do you know from where you can get them? We, at Dhai Step, use the insider information provided by your facility head and by using our exceptional recruitment techniques, search and select the right candidates matching your needs

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The biggest gain that our clients harness through this association is in cost savings and work efficiency, which are often ascertained to them by us, while they utilize our full end-to-end RPO solution


We exercise complete autonomy for hospital staff recruitment. We, at Dhai Step, endeavour to handle end-to-end staff recruitment requirements, right from the phase of advertising, to conducting interviews and for compliance as well as retention.


If complete end-to-end RPO requirement is not there, then we offer another aspect in modular interaction, wherein, you can use exactly what is needed by you.


Dhai Step service of Master Vendor allows to find as well as to select suppliers and providers with bare minimum hassles to enjoy the benefits only.

HR Consulting

Experience counts, and this surely reflects in our work. We, at Dhai Step, with our years of work experience, help our clients with their HR needs and compliance requirements. We also provide services in Human Resource consulting. With years of experience, we help our clients with their HR-related requirements and compliance issues.

Human Capital Management

You might ponder upon certain questions related to managing your medical facility staff, and their work efficiency. Some of these questions may be – Are you over staffed? Are you understaffed? By how much are you understaffed? Is your staff adequately qualified? Can you provide further qualification to your staff members? These and similar questions we can assist you to find answers for.

Staff Optimisation

How well efficient and effective is your present workforce? Is your staff managing to achieve what you want from them? Is there still room for more improvement? We, at Dhai Step, can help you analyse and report on your current staffing requirements, and optimise them all to put their best foot forward in work

Employment Process

Is your current employment process truly robust? We, at Dhai Step, can recommend as well as advise you towards the best practices & technologies for gaining valuable cost savings and time enrichment. With Dhai Step, you can be assured of hiring best quality manpower. We, at Dhai Step, conduct international recruitment for medical facilities cater to the different healthcare needs. With the strong network that we have established over the years, we can hunt for the perfect candidates for your requirements. Get Ethical, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Efficient and Eligible workforce to drive your medical embodiments.