About Us


We are a young and dynamic organization run by professionals. We work as a strategic partner providing range of services for Hospitals, Hospitality, Industrial and Institutional organizations. Dhai Step believes that today’s Healthcare segment needs partners to create cost-effective recruitment solutions for international healthcare industry. Dhai Step specialises in project management of bulk recruitments, with many successful projects being undertaken by them. This is done either by the initiation of international projects, or by the adoption of complete control of HR facilities and recruitment functions; thus offered by the RPO service. Right now, all healthcare organizations are keen to focus on their core businesses rather than their functional and operational needs. A support in the field of the staffing coming from the side of Dhai Step enables them to meet these needs and allow them to focus on the main work that they have in their hands.

Right now we are mainly catering to the hospitals and other establishments where the concept of the hospitality and international standards forms the competitive edge of the business. The R & D wing of Dhai Step is very particular about the up gradation of the services and technologies; like linen washing, sterilizing and much more, which are cost-effective at the same time. Companies working under the stand-alone facilities may find it difficult sometimes because cost barriers can play a hindrance. Your association with us will introduce you to the “industry best” and “state-of-the-art technology” for the same at minimum cost.

The modus operandi of our team at Dhai Step is and will always be to deliver our earnest services with total integrity and complete transparency, so that, it is a mutually-benefitting association both for our clients as well as for the candidates we refer. Our internationally acclaimed healthcare professionals usually provide the opportunities for filling a massive number of vacancies within a very vast range of specialities, while still being a very cost effective solution for our client medical centres, which allows them to use economies of scale for solving their workforce related issues. This process warrants a very dedicated and truly proactive approach, which ensures our clients to have the best possible talent pool to select the right candidates. With a thorough understanding of the present day healthcare market and a wide network reach, we can help in recruiting the best for your medical facility. All solutions at Dhai Step are customized as per clients’ business needs and recruitment requirements. Every client company is given a Project Partner, who facilitates them with our solutions right from the time of inception to the time of implementation. The support staff of Dhai Step also makes sure that all the candidates are totally compliant with the frame-work regulation. Also, retention of candidates is our topmost priority.